Best Safe Enterprise Video Conferencing Solutions Buying Checklist – Tips and Guide

Best cloud Video conferencing solution Buying Checklist – Tips and Guide

Business communication has come a long way with the advent of latest technology. In place of costly travels, multi people conference audio and video calls are being used for speedy conversations and expedite the decision making process. With workforce requiring more and more flexible options including work from home and getting connected from remote locations in larger numbers, mobility in communication has become a key factor.

Cloud video conferencing solution like InstaVC, provides you just that, mobility and flexibility. With the power of video conference on cloud, you are ready for business meeting, making HD video communication from mobile devices or any compatible device of your choice over the internet. The face to face visual meeting sets up a more life like experience to your Business collaboration. Cloud video meetings has made it easier than ever to administer, set up and use cloud based video meetings which are easy and secure. Choose  safe video conferencing solutions.

However, before you start the process of finding the video conference vendors and compare pricing, it is essential to be clear of what your company requirement is. The following checklist will help you identify your video conference requirement. With this elaborate information provided here, it will become easy to select the best enterprise video conferencing solutions for your organization.

9 point Checklist before buying Best Enterprise video conferencing Solutions

1. Gather Internal Input from IT Team and Employees–  Analyze current usage by getting input from IT department as well as gather feedback from employees and management. Email surveys in this case can be very handy to collect company wide usage and feedback. For even better understanding, invite key stakeholders to group discussion.

2. Analyze collected data to understand usage and requirement pattern for each department– Each department will use video conference in a different manner, for example, HR Department will use it to conduct interviews, and employee induction across branch offices while Learning and Development team will be interested in video conference training sessions. Similary Sales and Marketing department will need video conference for Sales reviews and client meetings. Identify the key users and if possible involve them in choosing the right video conference system for your business.

3. Identify the number of locations you will want to connect at a single given time, including work from home and remote employees or partners – Even though your requirement may be of connecting hundreds of locations, but identify how many will need to connect at a single point of time. Several times simultaneous video meeting requirement may be quite less, maybe at a single time, only 20 locations may want to do a video conference meeting. Based on simultaneous video meeting requirement choose your correct vendor, as the pricing increases with the increase in number of locations that need to be connected at same time.

4. BYOD support– What kind of connecting devices will these users use for their video meetings? Will they be connecting from huddle rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, Mac, iOS, windows or Android based devices like laptop, desktops or their mobiles?

5. Internet Bandwidth Availability– Consider the bandwidth availability and network infrastructure at various connecting locations. Do your users have MPLS leased line, VSAT or broadband network. The video conference software you choose, should be able to work on low bandwidth also. Latest technology Solutions like InstaVC ensure that users are able to get good quality video and audio experience even at low Internet bandwidth.

6. Flexibility to choose audio and video conference equipment– Audio and video conference accessories and equipment play a vital role in the quality of a video meeting, in addition to the bandwidth availability. Before you choose your video conference vendor, it is essential to understand that is compatible with majority of easy USB based plug and play video conference audio and video accessories. Your video conference system should not restrict you to use only a limited and expensive proprietary audio and video devices, instead it should allow you to choose audio and video equipment of your own choice and budget.

7. Security and Encryption of Video Meetings– Video conference meeting is just like a face to face discussion. And several times, you will need to discuss important and confidential matters in your video meetings. Hence the solution you choose must provide Highly secure, encrypted audio video data transfer across the internet, and features like “Lock Room”, which will not allow any participant to log in to an ongoing meeting, even if they know the video meeting room password.

8. Technical know-how of the users–Cloud based video conference solutions like InstaVC are extremely easy to setup and use. With its intuitive user interface, participants are able to use and join video meetings without much external help from the IT department. This is a very critical point to ensure, your IT department does not get overloaded in troubleshooting video meeting setups.

9. Collaboration Features for video meetings– Before your choose your video conference solution, also have a go through the features that your organization needs, like Data and content sharing which is essential if remote teams want to share PDFs, documents and PPTs in their video meetings. InstaVC video conference solution provides a host of inbuilt collaboration features, like Interactive Digital whiteboard, Recording, Content, Video and Data Sharing, Multiple camera support, multiple display support where you want your Data and participant videos to be visible on separate display screens.

safe video conferencing solutions

Cloud based videoconferencing is the best and simplest way to get connected and take your business discussions ahead. After considering the features and functionality, user experience, set up time and cost, its time to get evaluate a reliable vendor with good video conference solution and support.

* Identify the key decision makers in your organization, who will not only be making the financial decision but will also enable the solution to get implemented across the organization.

* Set a timeline and set stage for product demo and evaluation process

* Outline the product role and expectations along with the video conference budget.

Cost Evaluation and Return on Investment

Every time an investment is made, it is essential to understand it’s the numbers involved in its cost and benefits.

Single time Cost – The one time cost of video conference solution should be covering all basic and essential equipments, softwares as well as installation cost at branch offices and remote locations.

Technical Support Cost – Once a solution is set up, it also needs technical set up, time of the IT staff to maintain, troubleshoot, set up display screens, set up audio and video equipment and do user training. Your video conference vendor should be able to provide initial user training to your IT staff as well as employees.

Recurring or repetitive Costs – As the use of video conference increases, more and more of your office locations will want to get connected and will need audio and video conference equipment and accessories at connecting locations.


best enterprise video conferencing solutions

Benefits of video Meetings Solution  – Return on Investment

Enhanced Interactivity and Productivity – Once a video conference solution is implemented, employees will be able to get the benefit of face to face interaction and trainings done at fraction of regular costs, enhancing their productivity and business outcome.

Time and Cost Saving – Consider the man hours you will be saving which would have gone wasted during the commute and waiting in the queues at airport. Each man-hour wasted is computable to a financial cost. With a video conference solution you will be saving huge time as well as travel cost.

A one stop solution for all your needs. InstaVC is a one stop cloud video meetings system on webRTC platform. InstaVC delivers high quality, all in one video conferencing software that makes business communication easy and productive. With the flexibility of cloud, InstaVC adjusts to the growing and changing needs of your organization and equips your team with everything to jet set into a video meeting from anywhere, anytime. Plus it comes at the fraction of cost of traditional video meetings, making it the most value for money and affordable video conferencing solution for your Business. Let’s get InstaVCed’.

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