Types of Video Conferencing- Desktop Video Conferencing System

Types of Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is fast growing and has become a lifeline of collaboration solutions of organizations. With massive technological growth there are several types of video conferencing solutions in the market today. Before you can choose the best video conferencing solution for your business, it is essential to understand the different types of video conferencing solutions which are available.

1.Desktop Video Conferencing Endpoints or Personal Desktop Video Conferencing Software or WebRTC based

Desktop video conferencing software bring audio video communications right onto your office and desk. This kind of solutions enable you to connect to your video conference meetings rights from your desktop, laptop or even mobile. Ideally this can be a software based application or even webrtc browser based solution like InstaVC that works as an interface or engine for the computer video conference meeting.

 video conference software  are easy to set up and use, and generally use existing or built in cameras or can connect USB based audio and video conference equipment like webcam, ptz camera for video and microphone speaker set for audio. In case of software based solution, a software application download is required for the first time. After that the users simply click on the application icon on their desktop/laptop screen to log into a video conference meeting.

In case of webRTC browser based video conferencing no software downloads or plugins are required. Users can connect from webrtc supporting browsers like google chrome, firefox, internet explorer etc. In this case solutions like InstaVC provide secure and easy to use video conferencing for users who want to connect even while on the move

Desktop Video Conferencing system

Advantages of Desktop Video conferencing system

Provides flexibility to connect from your desktop, laptop or even mobile

No fixed set up is required, people can join video meetings even while travelling

Can use existing inbuilt camera, speaker and microphone of the desktops, laptops or mobiles or can also be connected with external simple usb based audio video conference devices for better quality.

Used for Project collaborations, Sales Reviews, Interviews and Trainings

2.Room based Video Conferencing – Executive Video Conferencing / Computer Video Conferencing

Room based Video Conferencing offers variety of configurations and price range to support various kind of video meeting requirements. This kind of setup supports multiple screens for video and content sharing as well as cameras that can focus and highlight the currently active speaker onto the display screen. Multiple audio conference options are also available which provide HD quality audio using features like background noise reduction, echo cancellation and high microphone gain to pickup sound even from a distance.

Room based solutions can be

1. software based

2. webRTC based

3. Hardware endpoints.

4. Hybrid Video Conferencing which combines the power of software with Hardware Endpoints 

Room based solutions are available as following:

Huddle Rooms – In this a flexible set up is done where 3 to 6 users can connect in an informal audio video meeting setup.

desktop video conferencing software

Conference rooms – This kind of video meeting set up is done for a fixed room of 7 to 12 users at the given location.

computer video conferencing

Large Boardrooms and training Rooms – these are large scale set ups done with precise audio video solution designing keeping in mind the audio acoustics as well as background and room lighting to ensure HD quality audio and video for seamless business meeting and training experience.

Uses of Room based Video Conferencing set ups:

Executive Business Discussions, Brainstorming and Reviews

Client and Partner conferences

Large scale online brand promotion and marketing events

Distance Training and Learning

Project collaborations, Sales Reviews, Interviews and Trainings

Large Boardrooms and training Rooms

3.Immersive TelePresence

Telepresence setups give an immersive experience of being in a live meeting. In this large display screens are mounted on walls and similar set up is configured at each connecting location, to give a visual experience of all locations being in the same location. Similar furniture, aesthetics and cameras mounted at eye level give the experience for participants to be sitting face to face at the same extended table. Immersive Telepresence set up yield the ultimate video meeting experience and is usually the most expensive video conferencing set up due to logistic costs and same aesthetics which are set up across all connecting locations.

Uses of Immersive TelePresence

Round-table Conferences and Executive Business Discussions

Formal Presentations for Customers and Partners

Media Briefings

As organizations are growing, offices are expanding across the world and flexible work schedules and distant work locations have become a reality in the modern world. In these scenarios online video meeting tools present an effective solution to address the needs of growth and collaboration. While you know video conferencing can help address these growing needs and create better communication and collaboration across remote locations spread across distant locations, the choice of selecting the best video conferencing technology depends on your need and budget. No matter which type of video conferencing you choose, there are numerous use cases for video conferencing technology and its benefits are plenty to help you recover your costs quickly by saving on time and travel costs.  

Whether you work for a small startup, a defense or government agency or a global multinational, you need an easy way to meet, collaborate and share ideas — and the best video conference technology to do so.

InstaVC offers a reliable and secure video conferencing solution which can easily be tailor customized to fit your requirements.  It helps you connect with colleagues, clients, prospective employees and business partners face to face and connect on a deeper level in the most effortless and effective way possible.  Further the Content Data and screen Sharing tools and interactive tools like Pen, interactive white board, highlighter takes collaboration between distant teams to the next level.

Immersive TelePresence

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