India’s Number One Audio Video Conferencing Solutions

India's Number one audio video conferencing solutions

We make your voice and video conferencing experience seamless, so that you can focus on your Business meeting agenda.

Video Conferencing products by PeopleLink are recognized in the industry not only in India but globally to be most innovative and designed with precision keeping your business requirements in mind.

The Number One System for Audio and Video meetings in India are offered by PeopleLink.

• We are a trusted brand in voice and Video Conferencing

• Affordable solutions to suit every business requirement and budget

• Simple and easy to use plug and play technology for easy deployment

• Works well with other brands of audio and video conference system as well.

• Secure Solutions for deployment on cloud as well as on premises

• Most Advanced Audio conferencing solutions including Quadro Touch based conference speaker phone with inbuilt android Operating System for quick audio and video meetings

• Future ready video conferencing cameras with 4k resolution at 30fps

• Our Audio and Video conference empower your employees to work from home or distant office locations and yet stay connected to the main stream. With our award winning solutions, your organization is ready to stay ahead, always.

Affordable and Intelligent Solutions for Audio and Video Conferencing for every set up by PeopleLink

Work from Home – Single user to 3 users set up

Today’s workforce is looking for more and more flexible work place options including working from home at several instances. With seamless audio and video meeting connectivity solutions collaboration with business associates across geographies is possible. These conferencing system not only ensure a seamless virtual experience but also save time and reduce unnecessary travel expenses without cutting down on productivity. By establishing a collaborative meeting culture, audio and video conferencing empower businesses to be more connected and engaged.

With affordable and easy to set up usb plug and play webcams like PeopleLink i7 and uvc15B audio conference speaker phone, your workforce is ready for business video meetings anytime, anywher

audio video conference system

Huddle Room Solutions for 3 to 8 users room set up

Huddle Rooms are small informal spaces which are growing popular as work and meeting spaces for mobile teams. Huddle rooms enable you to make the best use of your office space by equipping small spaces and converting them into productive meeting and collaboration spaces. With our ready plug and play audio conference equipment which include UVC 15B audio conference speaker phone(with and without Bluetooth option) along with i7 USB Camera with 1080P 4X Digital Zoom and Microphone for Computer, Desktop and Laptop, setting up your huddle room for audio and video meetings is super quick and simple.

voice and video conferencing

Conference Meeting Room Solution for 8 to 12 users

With the advent of audio and video conference technology communication between remotely located teams has been revolutionized. In addition to talking or having a life life face to face discussion with people and work groups from anywhere across the world, it saves instant time and money. Regular interaction between teams has increased productivity as well as ownership and problem solving. While hearing someone in HD quality audio is great, having visual clues from the person’s body language takes the clarity in discussion to a next level.

With PeopleLink audio and video conference Software and our expert technical team as well as Integrator Partner network spread across the country, we help you in designing your Meeting room for the best audio visual experience. With PeopleLink audio conference speaker phone UVC15B with soundbar, you can easily pickup audio quality even from a distance. With the PeopleLink iCAM 10XMJPG plug and play PTZ camera you get instant real time, face-to-face experience through its powerful design that enhances your collaboration experience.

Conference Meeting Room Solution for 8 to 12 users ​

Board Room and Training Room Solution for large audience

Important Boardroom meetings have now become easier and simpler with the use of this kind of conferencing solutions. Board members and key decision makers are now able to join and be a part of the important decision making process without any delay from anywhere in world with PeopleLink video conferencing solutions.

Similarly Interactive training is transforming decision making and learning process. conferencing solutions in today’s corporate world have become an essential tool for keeping teams together with enhanced connectivity and clarity.

With PeopleLink touch based conference speaker phone Quadro Touch, having inbuilt android OS, and FHD Codec with 12X Elite Camera, making audio and video calls for group of participants has become extremely simple, without the need for very expensive set up.

For number one products and solutions for your video conferencing requirements in India and globally, PeopleLink is the most preferred choice of organizations.

Board Room and Training Room Solution for large audience ​

Benefits with Audio and Video Conferencing Solutions by PeopleLink

Easy to use and Set up

• Plug and Play

• Affordable costs to suit all budgets and requirements

• Remote controlled and AI based video conferencing solutions including features like auto face detection

• High quality audio conference solutions with features like echo cancellation, noise reduction for best sound quality

• HD quality video web cameras and PTZ cameras

• work well with other audio and video conferencing products from other OEM companies as well

• Support low bandwidth usage

Audio and Video conferencing has been able to reduce the gap between real and virtual meetings conducted today. Experience of audio and video conferencing with PeopleLink is simply awesome.

With immense savings in travel costs as well as time, users are able to work together, edit on project revisions in a way which was not possible earlier, increase active communication rate between employees and reach out more to external clients and partners. Audio and video conferencing is no longer limited only to the top layer of management, infact it has become a daily use tool for employees at various hierarchy levels with the organization.

With affordable pricing, ease of use and a host of features, PeopleLink is number one audio and video conferencing solution Provider in India today. with enhanced user experience, reduced network costs and all in one solution for audio, video, content sharing and messaging, PeopleLink is your one stop shop for all your collaboration needs.

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