COVID – 19: How Video Conferencing by InstaVC is helping to minimize the Impact of Corona Virus

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With COVID-19 starting to impact the day to day lives of citizens and WHO declaring it a pandemic, video conferencing organizations like InstaVC are stepping forward to help the global society. While it is essential to ensure that people stay safe and minimize their exposure towards the covid-19 virus, by reducing their travel, our video conferencing solution is available for free trial to users.

Every effort that you make to contain the virus and slow the spread, saves lives, and by using video conferencing for your Business meetings, you make sure that you not only minimize your exposure to the virus, but also ensure that there is minimal impact of this virus outbreak on the lives, Education and Businesses.

Use of Video Conferencing is growing significantly during Covid-19

Use of Video Conferencing is growing significantly during Covid-19

Not only Businesses, Schools, Educational Institutes but also Governments across the world are exercising caution and looking for efficient audio and video communication tools to keep their teams connected and operational. They are increasingly taking advantage of the Video Conferencing facilities to continue doing their work and official business meetings over video conference. Even the Indian Government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi, organized video conference with SAARC nations and global leaders to discuss COVID-19 crisis.

With the outbreak of Covid-19 virus, the usually busy streets, malls, educational institutes – schools, colleges, coaching centers, academies, and universities are wearing a deserted look. WHO, UNICEF and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) have outlined critical considerations and practical checklists to keep schools safe, with helpful tips for parents and caregivers, as well as children and students themselves. When in-person meetings cannot happen due to social distancing or quarantine, video conferencing is often the best and simplest replacement for meetings over phone calls or email communications, where the participants cannot see the facial expressions or body language of the person at the other end, which sometimes may even cause confusion or delay in work process. As more Businesses, schools and employers have asked their teams to work from home, there has been a surge in demand for video conferencing solution by InstaVC which is proving to be extremely effective and useful.

Enhancing Productivity for Students and Remote Users


Video conferencing by InstaVC includes full HD audio and video Business meetings as well as Data Collaboration capabilities. With this being extremely simple and easy to use, with no downloads required has made it very popular with users. You can join as well as host HD video conference meetings with a single click with nil to minimal IT support over your web browser like Google chrome, Mozilla and internet explorer itself. Remote business users find InstaVC a secure platform with AES encryption for doing their Critical as well as regular business discussions as well as sharing important business files.Teachers are able to conduct Live online tutorials with full question answer sessions, as well as share their worksheets, documents, tutorial videos over InstaVC video session, where students are logged in from multiple locations, into the same session.

Why InstaVC is the Best Video Conferencing for your organization ?

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