Best Cloud Based Video Conferencing Solutions for Small Business in 2020

Best Cloud Based Video Conferencing Solutions for Small Business in 2020

Video conferencing is an amazing technology that provides incredible flexibility in business audio and video meetings. Other than the general video calling capabilities video conferencing solutions also offer additional functionalities including content sharing, whiteboarding, call recording, interconnectivity with other video conferencing devices from other software providers and more. With a clarity of what all features are important to you and your business might need is the key to finding your best video conferencing systems.

Video conferencing on cloud by InstaVC is the easiest solution to deploy and use. It is a hassle-free video conferencing system that allows organizations to do Video Meetings on the Device of their choice with flexibility of Cloud. It is fully secure webRTC based video conference solution that works on all webRTC compatible web browsers including google chrome, Internet explorer, firefox. It is a secure video conferencing software which does not need any software download or plugin installation. Users can simply click and join video meetings in a single click.

Easy to use video conferencing features in InstaVC

Simple Email invitation link to add participants to meeting

Screen & Content Sharing

Secure & Central Resource Management

Multiple Camera Support

Private and group messaging

Highly secure video conferencing

323 & SIP interconnectivity with other video conferencing providers

Inbuilt interactive whiteboard

Optional recording

•  BYOD support to connect with the device of your choice, be it desktop, laptop or Mobile

•  Your own company logo in your video meetings

Software Video Conferencing – PeopleLink UTP PLUS

If your organization is looking for the best software video conferencing system UTP Plus by PeopleLink is the most ideal solution. UTP plus is a client-based video conferencing software that enables you to do conference meeting with over thousand locations at once at optimized bandwidth. Connect with all your employees, partners and clients in one place and have productive discussions to make faster decisions.

Features of UTP Plus video conferencing

Large conference mode for connecting large scale participants

• Automatic Frame Rate adjustments to allow video meetings even at low bandwidth

Interconnectivity with older legacy video conference equipment

Video mixing to manage multiple camera inputs into single stream on a single screen

Highly secure video meetings with minimum firewall port opening

Split screen videos to display participant videos on three separate screens

Compatibility with video walls

Best Video conferencing Services for Small Businesses - 2020

Hardware Video Conferencing MCU – PeopleLink Impact Pro

Video conferencing industry has seen some big changes in the last three years. Although there is a rapid increase in the use of of cloud video conference and software video conference, yet hardware video conferencing MCUs are still in use at many business units. Hardware video conferencing too has evolved and become more flexible in interoperatability with multiple solution providers and cloud as well as software based video conference setups.

PeopleLink Impact Pro is an endpoint device that delivers HD quality audio and video quality even in low bandwidth. With highly secure meetings with the in-built VPN feature this video conference MCU device allows easy data and rich-media sharing with ease and can be easily integrated with the legacy video conference systems and other hardware based endpoints with necessary licenses, making it exceptionally affordable and pocket-friendly.

Hardware Video Conference MCU Impact Pro – Key Features

• 1080p quality @ 60fps

Inbuilt Full HD PTZ camera with 12X optical zoom

• Supports dual video display on two separate screens

239 and BFCP for content sharing across inter operatable legacy based video conferencing systems

• 323 and SIP support for interoperability

• Inbuilt omni directional microphone with noise suppression and echo cancellation

• Multiparty and P2P communication

• Optional video meeting recording

• Supports USB based audio device integration with existing PA system

Hardware Video Conferencing MCU – PeopleLink Impact Pro

TelePresence – OmniPresence by PeopleLink

TelePresence set ups provide the most real face to face experience across all connecting locations, but can be expensive to set up. PeopleLink brings an affordable telepresence set up, which is the most advanced voice and video collaboration system – OmniPresence.

• HotStandby Automatic Backup Server– In case of a large conference gathering get disrupted due to any technical reason, the backup server comes into action automatically, making OmniPresence extremely reliable TelePresence system.

• Highly Secure video and data meetings – With AES 128 bit encryption, minimising security breaches and maximising critical data safety. With Omnipresence telepresence system, only autorized users have access to your LDAP and Active Directory for joining the video meetings.  

TelePresence KeyFeatures:

• Ultra HD (4K) Video Collaboration

• Easy integration with any remote system

• Easy to deploy at reasonable installation and operational cost

• High quality audio and video even at low bandwidth

• Easy and Secure data, video and content sharing

• Supports single & multiple screens (up to 16) for data and video display

• Supports multiple camera inputs (up to 16)

• Transmits multiple video feeds simultaneously to remote participants

cloud based video conferencing solution

Advantages of using Video Conferencing for your Business Meetings and Training

Let us have a quick look at why several organizations are today upgrading their personal business meetings and trainings to online Video Collaboration.

Save travel time and resources without wasting any more time and energy on the commute and airport queues.

• Collaborate with geographically disperse teams working from remote location

• Significantly save costs of travelling and allow participants to join in face to face discussion from their choice of location

Increase day to day interaction among various branch offices

• Keep your office teams trained and updated on recent product knowledge

Increase the reach of your marketing and brand promotions

• Quicker decision making from executives and senior management

The Future of Video Conferencing and audio video collaboration

Moving into the future with collaboration and conferencing networks like audio and video conferencing is the way forward for businesses who want to stay updated with teh changing times. With the power and flexibility of cloud based video collaborations, solution providers are now creating mixed protocol video conferencing calls without the heavy expense of changing the entire existing infrastructure, instead making the new solutions comply and work with the existing old legacy set ups of video conference and collaboration, making unified collaboration solutions past as well as future compatible.

The key to any successful video conference technology is to find a correct way to respond to the existing client requirements as well as be flexible with upcoming future changes and growth. For Smart organizations who are looking for saving their time, as well as travel costs for collaboration, it is compulsory to adopt to new video technology making it a preferred business communications tool in the present as well as future.

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