Choose The Best Video Conferencing System for Small Business

best video conferencing system for small business

Conduct your Business Meetings online, without the hassle of travelling

With continuous progress in technology, video conferencing has today become more and more reliable, affordable and accessible to work force at various levels in the organizations.

The popularity of video conferencing is for a number of reasons, including the flexibility it provides for the work force to work remotely from home or any part of the world. With organizations wanting to stay connected with their multiple branch offices and client locations and partner bases spread around the world, video conferencing provides a solution for all scenarios.

Business owners and key participants can now be a part of the face to face discussion at fraction of cost and time that used to be spent earlier in travelling and staying at various places around the world.

Video conferencing also helps companies to reduce their carbon foot print and be more environment friendly, while saving costs and time for their key members. By effective use of video conference, businesses not only no longer waste their resources, but also are able to achieve all business objectives without forcing several participating people to travel to a single location.

As we move on to the new decade of 2020, it is essential we choose the best video conferencing solutions for our organization, like InstaVC.

5 Points to keep in mind when choosing Video Conferencing :-

1. Free Trial – Allows you to test the product quality before investing your money

2. Freedom to choose your Audio and Video Devices

3. Security and ease of Use

4. Future Ready – 4k UHD

Flexibility to connect from a range of devices – BYOD – Desktop, Mobile or Meeting Rooms

InstaVC ensures all of the above and offers cloud based as well as on premise video conferencing solution designed to suit your customized requirements. With quick and easy set up and wide range of collaborative features, video conferencing with InstaVC is as life like as it can get.

Secure Video  Meetings – Ensuring that your business meetings are held in a secure environment is of utmost priority. InstaVC uses HTTPS 128-bit AES encryption, TTLS for video security SRTP for data transportation security. This is similar to security protocols being used by leading banks and financial transactions over the internet.

With no downloads and no extra plugins to be added to your browser, video meetings are extremely safe and secure. Video meetings on InstaVC can be conducted in Ultra-High 4K definition or HD resolution based on bandwidth availability at your connecting location, allowing even locations with lesser bandwidth to join the video meeting.

Secure Video Conference Meetings

Record Meetings – With the optional feature of Video Meeting Recording, you can save your Business meetings and Training sessions for later reference and use. Further, the features like group and private chat allow users to send message selectively without disturbing the flow of the entire video meeting.

Flexible – When you choose InstaVC, you choose a future ready technology for your organization,  that adjusts and grows with the changing needs of growing organizations. With our 15day free trial policy, you get to have a look and feel of the video conference solution before making the actual purchase.

Content Sharing, chat and Hand Raising features – As important as it is to see and talk to participants in a video meeting, equally important is sharing your content. With InstaVC, you can share your screen, documents, excel sheets and even applications from your end to the participants in another location.

With inbuilt features like Interactive Digital Whiteboard and Annotations, it becomes extremely easy and simplified to explain your points and suggestions on the project you are working together on with your remote teams. Group chat, private chat and hand Raise features allow users to send message selectively without disturbing the flow of the entire video conference meeting.

InstaVC is developed specifically for business needs, with capability to connect thousands of locations at once. Video conferencing has become more than just a travel saving feature to an indispensable tool for everyday business meetings, and with InstaVC you get a video conferencing which offers more than just face to face meetings.

video conferencing system

Easy to use and invite Participants – Inviting participants to your video conference meetings is extremely simple with InstaVC. You simply send an email link and the users click and join the meeting with you. Its that simple !! and the intuitive interface on the screen lets even beginners go through the various features that video conferencing has to offer in an easy manner.

Works with other video conferencing Solutions as well – There can be several occasions, where organizations are already using video conferencing services by other vendors like Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize etc. there may also be chances that the locations which you want to invite for your video conference meetings already have some other solution in place. InstaVC allows you to join all different video conference units also into the same meeting. With WebRTC, SIP & H.323 interconnection for real-time video communications across different platforms, InstaVC video conferencing has you covered with all major video conference solutions as well.

best video conference system

Present your Business Logo in your Video Meetings – Several organizations prefer to display their Brand Name as well as business logo when conducting business meetings with clients and partners. InstaVC allows you to showcase your Brand and logo while doing various meetings and trainings.

Full Control of your Video Conference Meeting – As a Host of the video conference meeting, InstaVC allows you to have full control over who gets to speak, which participant to mute, or mute all in case of a important message being delivered. You also have the control to add or remove participants from the video meeting.

More than just Business Meetings – InstaVC is extremely easy to use, which allows you to use it for more than just doing business meetings only, You can use it to have a live video shopping platform or live video support to your customers as well as reaching out to clients and partners over marketing events. Video Conferencing is today growing into every part of our lives and with solution like InstaVC video conference you are assured to make the Best choice for your organization.

More than just Business Meetings

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