Best Video Conferencing Solutions for Small Business

best video conferencing solutions for small business

Every business uses technology to make it easier to perform business tasks, including communication and collaboration. Video conferencing is one such technology which makes it easier for businesses both small and big, to keep in touch constantly. Selecting best video conferencing solution for your business set up can initially be overwhelming, especially with the range of options available in the market.

Choosing the right tool for video conferencing can help you immensely not only in saving costs but also valuable man hours that would otherwise be spent in travelling. Having a good video conferencing solution is an important business need. With increasing remote workforce and teams located in different places, getting the team together in the same discussion can be difficult and expensive. Doing business meetings over video conferencing helps solve the communication issue to a large extent. By choosing the best video conferencing solution for your small and medium business, you can get your team together, share ideas and take quick decisions.

Getting the right video conferencing solution like InstaVC, will make your business communication seamless. When you replace your non-verbal email and audio communication with video communication, you open the possibility of making people who are geographically located in different places to see and talk to each other and have eye to eye contact.

We are here to help you to identify a secure, affordable, reliable and easy to use video conferencing solution that will allow you to make your business meetings more engaging and productive. To help you find the best video conferencing solution, it is most essential to understand your requirements as a business.

Ease of use and features of the video conferencing solutions for Small Business

With several options available in the market, both expensive as well as affordable ones, with different features and set up requirement. Once you have a budget spending approval in place, you now have to choose the one that will fit your business meeting requirements and fit into your existing infrastructure set up without any major changes to your network security.

Easy to use – Right from easy sign up, creating a meeting room, setting up audio and video input, inviting participants to starting your video meeting, the whole process should be easily navigable and self explanatory. Not only should your video conferencing solution suit your budget, it is essential for it to have a user interface that is easy and intuitive to use, so that participants don’t waste time and end up being frustrated. As a meeting host or participant, you should be able to navigate and click through to host and join video meetings without too much help from any IT personnel.

Software Download or WebRTC browser based Video Conferencing ?

There are several video conferencing solutions that ask you to download and install their software. If you are not comfortable downloading additional softwares or plugins which can cause a potential security threat of data in your business, then you can also opt for video conferencing solutions which work securely on webrtc browsers like InstaVC. webRTC based video conferencing solutions work over all compatible web browsers including Google chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.

video conferencing system for small business

Collaboration Features and points to consider :

While choosing the Best video conferencing solution for business it is essential to understand what all collaboration features are important for you and what is not so essential, to ensure you don’t overspend your budget.

Data, video and Application Sharing – Allows participants to share their word documents, Power point presentations, excel sheets, videos, Apps and more with each other.

Co-browsing – allows all participants to go through a web browser based web content at the same time.

Hand Raise feature – allows attendees to raise a graphical hand, to draw attention to them, without disturbing the flow of the entire video conference.

Webinar allows you to give your presentation to a large audience, however, the participating locations can only hear and see you.

Online Meeting Scheduling allows you to schedule video conferences and send out invitations via outlook calendar.

Multiple Display Support– At times you may want to share your data on one LED screen and participant videos on another display screen. In such cases your video conferencing system for small business should have multiple display support.

Multi Location connectivity or One to One collaboration – Do you need to connect multiple locations into your video meeting or does your business need to connect with only one location at any given time.

Connectivity with H.323 legacy based hardware video conferencing equipment – Do you need to connect with locations which are using hardware based traditional video conferencing equipment ? If yes, then the video conferencing solution you choose must support H.323 connectivity to enable you to talk to these old devices.

Conference Room Locking – Virtual Conference room locking features ensures that once a virtual online video conference room is locked, no one else can join the ongoing video meeting, even if they know the username and password to the video meeting room.

WhiteBoard allows participants to write and annotate on a shared screen

Screen sharing allows participants to share user screen with other attendees.

Mobile access allows you to be a part of the video meeting even while on the go.

Private and group chatting – allows users to send text messages privately or as a group to each other.

Recording – This feature allows you to record your video conference meetings at the local server level or in the cloud, ensuring you can re-use the recorded session later for reference or training purposes.

Central Management – the host of the video conference meeting is able to control and Manage video meetings, events and virtual meeting rooms with an enterprise-grade high security.

Minimal Technical Support – The most successful video conferencing solution will be the one, which needs minimal or no technical assistance from your IT team. Having a video conferencing solution that needs constant support and surveillance from the technical department will waste a lot of time of the participants as well as be taxing on your technical resources.

While your business may or may not need all the above functionalities in your video conferencing solution, chances are fairly high that most of these features are essential for a smooth video meeting, where you can seamlessly share ideas and have discussions with your remote teams.

Based on your requirements you can opt for the above features while choosing the right video conferencing solution for your business. This will help you to quickly narrow down the list of options available for you to consider. Video conferencing solution like InstaVC is one of the most ideal and affordable unified collaboration solution that provides all of the above mentioned features, ease of use, as well as providing a collaboration environment that is easy on the budget.


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