One of The Best Audio Video Conferencing Solutions for Small Business

Best Audio Video Conferencing  Solutions for Small Business

Video meeting Conferencing with ultra HD quality video and clear audio results in more engagement among the meeting participants as they pose a true to life environment. Video conferencing makes many things possible in a small organization or retail business and in recent times it is considered more than just the way of communicating.

There are many proven records to show that video board meetings bring closer ties not only to internal teams but also to customers, clients, business partners, suppliers etc., As per one such study done by Forbes Insights survey, 84% of the respondents strongly agree that Video Conferencing is fast becoming a norm to collaborate with external stake holders.

That said, InstaVC Video Conferencing is a smart and secure cloud enabled WebRTC technology to communicate with your team or clients with just a single click. Yes, InstaVC is easy to set up and use, video conference solution for all sized business. For small business we provide many cost-effective solutions to successfully run your video conference technology even within a limited budget

Get the best HD video resolution and customize it for your requirements

In order to be competitive in the market, every small business strives to be perfect and unique in all its activities. Many a times video conferences can be the platform to meet up with new clients for the first time. InstaVC provides picture perfect ultra HD uninterrupted service presenting the best conferencing experience with high resolution HD smart cameras.  

In case of bandwidth concerns or limited bandwidth availability , InstaVC video conferencing also allows multiple video resolutions including 1080p, HD 720p , 480p and even SIF 240p at as low as 256kbps, so that participants can join and be a part of the video meeting, even if they have limited bandwidth. Based on the small business’s needs, cost effectiveness and bandwidth availability, you can choose the video conference resolution. InstaVC provides extensive support for video meetings at multiple bandwidth, by letting you choose the appropriate video quality for your meeting.

Instantly connect for live video meeting – No downloads

You can now connect to the Video Conference with just one click from your internet browser. Yes, with WebRTC based solution that is supported on majority webrtc web browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Firefox and more. Unlike other conferencing technology, with WebRTC you need not download any plugins or software to connect with the meeting. This helps to communicate and share data in a more secured manner.

Small businesses can ultimately count on this live WebRTC conferences to close deals with their new clients without any compromise to the security. Very minimal port opening, bandwidth requirement and firewall traversal duration are all the added advantages of Video Conferencing by InstaVC.

Instantly connect for live video meeting – No downloads

Highly Secure Video Conference Meetings

Being a small organization, there will be times you want to advertise your product or service to get a maximum reach and expand business. In such cases, InstaVC supports multi-party multilocation video conferencing and helps you to connect and collaborate with thousands of participants across multiple locations.

This video conference can be set up with very less resources and at a very optimal bandwidth. With WebRTC technology it is extremely easy to set up a video conference meeting, you save a lot of time by just sending an email single link, which opens the conferencing room to the participants in a secured manner.

Highly Secure Video Conference Meetings

Dedicated Virtual Rooms - For Small Business

Best Audio Video Conferencing Solutions

InstaVC provides its clients with dedicated private virtual conference meeting rooms, which are dedicated spaces on cloud configured for virtual meetings that give face to face like meeting experience. To access the virtual business meeting rooms, the host needs to set up proper credentials and share them with the attendees, enabling only authorized personnel to join the meeting room.

InstaVC video conferencing provides this secure space for businesses. These dedicated virtual meetings can be accessed from cross platforms that supports video meetings, including mobile, desktop or small and medium huddle rooms. The multi-party video conferencing can be used for meetings, trainings, conducting interviews, instructor led one to one or one to many trainings etc.

Dedicated Virtual Rooms

Outlook and Email Integration

When it comes to notifying about the video conferencing meetings to your team, clients, stake holders etc., email communication is very important. InstaVC provides Outlook and email integration to make your email correspondence hassle free and send email alerts to the participants.

Powerful, Easy to set up and use Admin Controls

All small businesses conduct meetings on a regular basis to update the teams, clients on the work needed and on the other hand scrutinize and evaluate the work done. Insta VC provides seamless administrative control which can be managed with the help of simple, easy to understand and intuitive dashboard.

As a presenter you can take center stage and easily create new conference rooms, assign or restrict user access to join video conference and control their permissions like hand gestures, group and individual chats etc. while the video meeting is being hosted.

Highly Collaborative Screen Sharing and Tools

When coming to sharing your screen or files (audios, images, videos etc.,) or other important documents, it has been never easier than with InstaVC Video Conferencing solution.

With InstaVC you can share your screen at high definition resolution, without the need of installing any extra software or plugins. You have the authority to restrict access to the person whom you share your screen by giving permission only for particular applications.

Apart from this, you could perform presentation sharing, smart interactive whiteboards, conduct audience polling, use auto layout switching to focus on the speaker, instant chat both private and group chat alongwith several other easy to use collaboration tools.  

Highly Collaborative Screen Sharing and Tools

Supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

InstaVC WebRTC solution helps users to connect from anywhere, any device or any time. All you need is a device which can be desktop, laptop or any mobile device that support video and internet connectivity. With these things you are all set for your video conference meetings.

Video Conferencing on the Cloud Platform with optional Recording Feature

InstaVC Video Conferencing is a cloud based WebRTC technology that is very easy and simple to install in organizations. A very apt and secure solution for small business.  

InstaVC also provides cloud recording of your video conference meeting, which can be easily accessed for future use.

One stop solution for Video Calls, Audio Calls, File sharing, Record Meetings etc.,

Insta VC video conferencing is a one stop solution for all your meeting needs. Its highly tech-savvy, highly customizable, user friendly, Easy to use, and cost effective Solution for small business

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